IASC Results Group 5 on Humanitarian Financing

Results Group 5 on Humanitarian Financing

This group works towards reducing humanitarian funding gaps, the difference between the financial resources available and those required to meet humanitarian needs, through advocating for strengthening the provision of quality financing, innovative funding approaches and strengthening aid effectiveness through simplifying and harmonizing financing system. In pursuit of this, Results Group 5 is delivering against four priority workstreams:

  • Mapping and promoting financing instruments supporting humanitarian interventions with development co-benefits 
  • Facilitating the development of innovative approaches to humanitarian financing that deepen and widen the resource base.
  • Producing a business case showing the contribution of multi-year humanitarian planning and unearmarked funding to more cost-effective humanitarian assistance. 
  • Facilitating simplification and harmonization of financing systems to reduce burdens and free additional resources for humanitarian operations


Mr. Jeremy Rempel:  Head, Humanitarian Financing, ICVA



Only open to members of RG5


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Monday, October 26, 2020 - 15:00 to 17:00
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