NGO fora and consortia – from local to global

Aiming collectively for strengthened humanitarian coordination and response from local to global level, we are witnessing the increasing relevance of NGO fora and consortia at national, regional and global levels. Understanding how these fora and consortia function, and how NGOs can engage in these structures, will be the topic of the third session of the learning stream on humanitarian coordination, jointly organized by ICVA and PHAP.

In this session, participants will be provided with examples of good practice of NGO-led fora and consortia, highlighting the challenges and opportunities to engage for both local and international NGOs. Guest experts will explore their added value, and will answer live questions from participants throughout the session.


Join us on Thursday, July 20 as we hold, in partnership with PHAP, the next installment of ICVA’sonline humanitarian coordination learning stream, NGO fora and consortia: From local to global.

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The webinar will explain the various structures and roles of NGO fora and consortia, operating from national to global levels. Bringing together representatives from ICVA, the Local Resource Centre (Myanmar), the Somalia NGO consortium and Syria Relief UK, the session will discuss: 

  • Why do NGOs gather in forum? What are the various roles, structures and added value for NGOs to engage in fora and consortia?
  • How can NGOs engage with consortia at national and global levels?
  • What are good practice examples of NGO fora and consortia? What are common challenges and lessons learnt faced by NGOs working in consortia?

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Event Date: 
Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 10:30 to 12:00
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