Structured Dialogue on UNHCR - IFRC - NGO Partnership Pakistan Mission Report

A joint InterAction-ICVA-IFRC-UNHCR mission went to Pakistan from 23 to 27 February to follow-up on the implementation of the High Commissioner’s Structured Dialogue on UNHCR-IFRC-NGO Partnership; to learn from the partners how the Dialogue is relevant to their context; and to support actions for further strengthening partnership.

The mission team held two workshops: one in Islamabad on 24 February 2014 for Islamabad-based partners and one on 26 February for Peshawar-based partners. Unfortunately due to security threats, the workshop planned for partners in Peshawar was canceled and partners were requested to travel to Islamabad to participate in the workshop, which naturally reduced attendance. This insecurity prohibited international staff movements. No UNHCR staff from Peshawar attended the workshop in Islamabad, which was disappointing and unfortunate since they are the regular interface with partners.

Information sharing, advocacy and coordination were the areas identified as priorities and in need of further enhancement.

Publication date: 
February, 2014