Enhanced Framework for Implementing with Partners Selection/Retention of Partners for Projects: Frequently Asked Questions

Over recent years, the selection of partners by UNHCR operations has been criticized by non-governmental organization for the lack of transparency in selecting partners as well highlighted by auditors for the absence of uniform procedures across the organization.  In 2011 with establishment of the Implementing Partnership Management Services, UNHCR took an initiative of establishing and enhancing Implementation Framework for Partnership.

Selection of the Partners is an essential component of the new Framework and aims to streamline the selection procedures.  The objective of UNHCR’s policy on the selection and retention of partners for Project Partnership Agreements is to ensure UNHCR partners with the most suitable organization in a given operation for the implementation of Projects, in order to provide quality protection and assistance to refugees and other persons of concern. UNHCR Offices, through a multi-functional team approach, are required to undertake adequate due diligence and conduct the process of selection/retention of Implementing Partner(s) in an objective, consistent, transparent and timely manner.

Publication date: 
March, 2014