The High Commissioner's Structured Dialogue on NGO-IFRC-UNHCR Partnership Recommendations

As demands on the humanitarian community continue to increase, in terms of both scale and complexity of crises we are also facing increasing expectations from the affected populations we work to support, the donor community and other stakeholders. It is essential that UNHCR, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the NGO community better understand each other’s specific roles and mandates. It is critical that we strive to work together more effectively and efficiently to better assist, protect and contribute to lasting solutions for the tens of millions of displaced and stateless persons worldwide.  Through mutual understanding of mandates, objectives and specific roles, and the implications these have for relationships with host governments, affected populations and communities, we can ensure complementarity of each other’s skills, experience and particular roles. Through improved partnerships, we can expand and reinforce the depth and breadth of our joint responses and learning, resulting in a more positive impact of our collective work.

The Principles of Partnership (PoP) provide the building blocks within our relationship. We recognize that partnerships are numerous and diverse, reflecting differing skills, expertise and humanitarian response in different contexts. We strive for mutual respect and trust, evidenced through open communications, transparency in decision-making and clear accountabilities.

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Publication date: 
January, 2013