NGO Fora Support Programme

What is the Support to NGO Fora Programme?

ICVA's "Support to NGO Fora programme" aims to support NGO Fora to undertake their collective responsibliities, across three key areas:

  1. Supporting organizational capacity development of NGO Fora in strategic planning, governance, and human resource management.
  2. Strengthening NGO Fora advocacy and echoing their views at global and regional levels.
  3. Promoting the pivotal role of NGO Fora amongst the broader humanitarian community (including donors, governments, UN agencies, and NGOs)


ICVA will be working NGO Fora operating in countries affected by humanitarian crises, including:

  • National NGO Fora
  • International NGO Fora
  • Mixed NGO Fora ( with membership including both national and international NGOs)


What activities are proposed?

Support organizational capacity development

  • General support on strategic planning, governance and human resource management
    • Personalised support
    • Field missions
    • Workshops for national NGO Fora
    • Directory of NGO Fora
    • Access to online tool (
  • Support NGO Fora coordinators
    • Induction package for new coordinators (together with InterAction)
    • Briefing and debriefing for incoming and ougoing coordinators
  • Sharing good practice
    • Webinars on sharing experiences /lessons learned
    • Study on membership motivation and engagement
    • Information management toolkit
    • Online tool to share documents (


Strengthen NGO Fora advocacy and echoing their view at global level

  • Strengthen Advocacy
    • Guide on joint advocacy for NGO Fora
    • Advocacy trainings
  • Increase understanding of the eco-system
    • Webinars on humanitarian coordination
    • Note on INGO representation in advocacy hubs
    • Agenda on key global and regional events
    • Note on ICVA's advocacy targets
  • Promote NGO Fora engagement
    • Echo NGO Fora voices to Member States, UN agencieces, donors, IASC
    • NGO Fora participaton in NGO briefings to Member States in Geneva
    • NGO Fora participation in ICVA's working groups


Promote the pivotal role of NGO Fora

  • Awareness campaign targeting NGOs, donors and UN agencies


Why are NGO Fora pivotal to collective action?

In many humanitarian crises, NGOs come together to establish networks and Fora to coordinate NGO efforts to deliver humanitarian assistance.

These Fora are active in a range of areas: facilitating NGO engagement in the humanitarian response system; ensuring an effective, inclusive and contextualised response; and promoting collective NGO advocacy. By working together, NGOs can have a stronger voice on issues of concern.

In-country humanitarian NGO Fora contribute to the effective and principled delivery of humanitarian assistance. However, in a context of rising humanitarian needs and increasingly complex humanitarian crises, effective NGO coordination is more critical than ever.

ICVA believes that well-resourced and effectively supported coordination bodies are cruial to improving humanitarian operations.


Download the NGO Fora Support Programme Flyer


Download the Advocacy Guide

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