Navigating Humanitarian Coordination

Providing relief and protection to those in need requires a coordinated and effective response to emergencies from humanitarian actors. Despite widespread acknowledgement of the need to improve humanitarian coordination, many NGOs have only a limited understanding of, engagement in and influence over humanitarian coordination mechanisms.

ICVA has therefore created an online learning stream on how to navigate humanitarian coordination. The stream specifically targets NGO staff, including field, policy and HQ staff. Short videos and briefing papers will help simplify complex topics. Webinars, held in partnership with PHAP, are open to anyone interested in improving their understanding of humanitarian coordination, with topics covering:

Learning Stream Objectives

At the end of this learning stream, NGO staff who have participated in all events will:

  1. Have a stronger understanding of the various humanitarian coordination mechanisms, and the challenges and opportunities experienced by NGOs in engaging with such mechanisms of coordination.
  2. Be better informed to engage in further discussions; influence policy where possible; and engage in humanitarian coordination.

Target Audience

  • Primary Audience: NGOs with limited exposure to - and understanding of - humanitarian coordination mechanisms. Focused specifically on NGO staff engaged in operations, strategy and policy.
  • Secondary Audience: All other NGO staff, other humanitarian actors; general public etc.