ICVA's work on UNHCR COVID-19 Response

Virtual ExCom briefings on UNHCR’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic


UNHCR-NGO consultations on preparedness and response to COVID-19 pandemic
                                (Theme: Mixed movements and the COVID-19 response)
                                 (Theme: Challenges and responses to SGBV in the context of COVID-19)
                      (Theme: Mental health and psychosocial support in displacement contexts)
                       (Theme: Communicating and Fundraising)
                       (Theme: How to address the socio-economic of COVID-19 by working with development actors, considering the
                        (Theme: Update on the reforms in implementing partnerships)
                        (Theme: Addressing IDP vulnerabilities in the context of COVID-19)
                         (Theme: Cash assistance in the COVID-19 response: What is our experience to date?)
                       (Theme: UNHCR-led cluster response to COVID-19 pandemic : priorities and challenges)
                       (Theme: Children and youth and the role of Sport during the COVID-19 pandemic)
                       (Theme: The role of the Global Compact on Refugees and follow-up to the Global Refugee
                       Forum in the current COVID-19 context)
                      (Theme : Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse)
                      (Theme: How NGOs can best contribute to WHO’s COVID-19 response?)
                      (Theme: Localization and COVID-19)
                       (Theme: The role of faith-based organisations in the response to the COVID-19 crisis)
                       (Theme: Common service delivery for the benefit of all humanitarian workers in the context of COVID-19)
                      (Theme: Communications in the context of COVID-19)
                      (Theme: Meeting with UNHCR High Commissioner)
                       (Theme: Special measures for Partnerships Agreements related to COVID-19)
                         (Theme: Protection concerns)
                          (Theme: How we can coordinate our efforts?)