ICVA's 2021 Virtual Annual Conference


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You can find the recordings of:

  • Session 1: Scene! Setting the scene: the intersection of climate-environment-humanitarian Framing of the challenges and opportunities

  • Session 2: Lights! Showcasing initiatives: A dynamic World Café session

  • Session 3: Camera! Zoom-in from global to local

  • Session 4: Action! Towards collective and collaborative change 



Each year, ICVA holds an Annual Conference, which provides an important opportunity for members to connect and discuss issues relevant to the humanitarian sector, as informed by ICVA’s membership base. On 25 and 26 May 2021 ICVA will host its second virtual annual conference on the theme: Climate, environment and humanitarian action: How can NGOs mitigate and adapt?

During ICVA’s 2030 strategy consultations, members and partners highlighted the importance of the intersection between climate and environment change and humanitarian action. The changes taking place are not only threatening humanity and our environment as we know it, but it is also faster and more radical than expected.

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ICVA’s Annual Conference will focus on the role that NGOs will play in adapting the way we work to be better prepared to climate and environment change so that we leave no one behind. Especially in the humanitarian context when delivering programmes to support refugees, displaced and vulnerable migrant populations. 

The conference will bring together ICVA members, NGOs, NGO fora, States, donors, UN agencies, experts and other climate and environment sector stakeholders to share their experiences, lessons learned, challenges and ways forward around these issues.

New alliances will be required to work outside existing silos and we will creatively explore how the humanitarian, development and climate communities can work together to shape policy, increase resilience, improve practice, and secure resourcing for climate related humanitarian crises and organisational change.

The conference aims to:

  • Increase awareness on the challenging contexts under which NGOs already are and will have to operate
  • Enable members and partners to share and learn from each other
  • Create opportunities for exchange and dialogue between ICVA members, NGOs and other actors in the humanitarian and climate/environment sectors on how to mitigate challenges, be prepared and support NGOs to deliver in the future
  • Identify where more collective action and evidence is required, building on partners and membership strengths

Participation, language and inclusion:

ICVA’s Virtual Annual Conference is open to all and will not include any fee. It will be conducted in English with simultaneous interpretation in French, Arabic and Spanish, live captioning including International Sign Interpretation (Session 1, 3 and 4 and in the plenary in session 2 - the breakout sessions during the World Café will not have interpretation or captioning).

While noting that time differences will not enable all NGOs and partners to attend all of the sessions, we plan to hold the sessions in the morning and in the afternoon Central European Standard Time so that participants could attend at least two sessions during the two days. Recordings of all the sessions will be made available on ICVA’s website a few days following the conference.



ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS – The Annual Conference is made possible by the contributions of our members and the core funding of government donors : MFA Norway, DFA Switzerland, MFA Sweden and MFA Denmark 


Event production support by PHAP