#ICVAPoP Campaign


In the lead up to the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), and building on momentum from the ICVA network over the last 12 months in support of the Principles of Partnership, the ICVA network has submitted its contribution to the WHS Secretariat: ‘The Power of Principled Partnerships’.

Complemented by the  #ICVAPoP campaign, ICVA calls upon: 

  • The WHS Secretariat, to promote the Principles of Partnership and ensure they are reflected in key WHS outputs, specifically the Synthesis report and the Secretary General’s report.
  • All humanitarian actors, to ensure the Principles of Partnership are foundational in all humanitarian partnerships, including between and among: affected populations, Member States, the UN, International Organizations, NGOs, the Red Cross and Red Crescent, academia and the private sector.

The ICVA network, comprising of over 80 national and international NGOs, will continue promoting the Principles of Partnership in the upcoming Thematic and Global WHS consultations. 

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Why the Principles of Partnership? Why now?

It has been over seven years since the Global Humanitarian Platform (GHP) introduced the Principles of Partnership (PoP). The PoP were identified as foundational principles to bring together humanitarian actors on an equal footing. The PoP include:

  • Equality
  • Transparency
  • Results-Oriented Approach
  • Responsibility
  • Complementarity

Since 2007, humanitarian actors have developed numerous tools to implement the PoP -and to report on their implementation. Over the years, NGO partnerships have provided many examples of challenges and successes in implementing the PoP, often in difficult and testing crises.

ICVA believes that the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) provides an important opportunity to highlight partnerships, and in particular, the PoP. The WHS four thematic areas1, and the seven themes2 emerging from the recent WHS thematic meeting in Bonn, further highlight the importance of principled partnerships in humanitarian action.



Join the #ICVAPoP Campaign

ICVA is calling on all humanitarian organizations to support the Principles of Partnership, and to contribute how you apply these principles within your partnerships and programmes. ICVA invites you to:

1. Sign-up to the Principles of Partnership - by sending an email to principlesofpartnership@icvanetwork.org confirming your organization’s support of the PoP. 

2. Provide the ICVA Secretariat testimonials around two themes:

  • What the Principles of Partnership mean to you as agencies?, or
  • How the Principles guide you in developing and strengthening partnerships

3. Share with the ICVA Secretariat short (no more than 2 minutes) video clips of Staff members:

  • Answering the question; “What do the Principles of Partnership mean to me?”, or
  • A statement on "As a humanitarian, the most valued Principle of Partnership is xxxx because of xxxx"

4. Share the #ICVAPoP campaign amongst your own networks: Extend the reach of the campaign – and appeal to all humanitarian entities to join.

5. Tweet the hashtag #ICVAPoP on WHS and partnership related messages.


More information on the Principles of Partnership and #ICVAPoP



1 1. Humanitarian Effectiveness; 2. Reducing vulnerability and management risk; 3. Transformation through Innovation; 4. Serving the needs of people in conflict.

2 Access the emerging themes for consideration here