ICVA Working Groups

ICVA Working Groups.

To ensure we bring the collective network voice to the focus areas set out in the 2015-2108 Strategy, we encourage members to participate in one of the ICVA working groups.  Currently we have three working groups: Forced Displacement, Humanitarian Financing, and Partnerships and Coordination. These working groups provide a platform for members to exchange information, communicate key developments in humanitarian operations and policy level work and to identify opportunities for collective advocacy.  We encourage members' active involvement in the these working groups. Please contact the staff members leading the group if you are interested in participating.


ICVA's Forced Displacement Working Group

ICVA has a Forced Displacement Working Group (previously UNHCR Working Group) for its members to advise the ICVA Secretariat on its work related to the forced displacement focus areas as laid out in the 2015-2018 Strategy. Members who would like to join this group can contact jerome.elie@icvanetwork.org for further information. This group held its first meeting in April 2013 and now meets on an ad hoc basis (usually monthly).


ICVA’s Humanitarian Financing Working Group

ICVA’s Humanitarian Financing Working Group was established in 2013 for ICVA members to advise the ICVA Secretariat on its work related to humanitarian financing.  ICVA’s current goals are to improve NGO understanding of various funding mechanisms, facilitate better NGO engagement in key inter-agency bodies, and promote policies that allow for better NGO access to funds.  For more information contact Melissa.Pitotti@icvanetwork.org


ICVA's Partnership and Coordination Working Group

Members who are interested in joining this group can contact Raphael.gorgue@icvanetwork.org for further information.