On 9 & 10 December 2020, ICVA together with the Civil Society Action Committee, were co-organisers for the STEP event under the theme of sustainable society.
STEP into a Better World was a virtual conference dedicated to driving action for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which were collated into four accessible themes:
- Sustainable society
- Technology & innovation
- Environment & nature
- Partnering for a Better World
ICVA led 3 sessions around the topic of "Risky Business." 

Session 1: 

Bank De-risking: Partnerships for Prosperity “How can private sector partnerships work hand-in-hand with NGOs to reach the most vulnerable populations?"
Session Description: This session explored some challenges, innovations & solutions to Bank De-risking for meaningful partnerships to reach the most vulnerable populations.

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Session 2:

NGO-Business Partnership: Opportunities in Asia “How to make inclusive business partnerships between NGOs and companies that can make a strong impact?”
Session Description: This session explored tips on successful, responsible and sustainable business-NGO partnerships in the Asia & Pacific region.

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Session 3:

Be a humanitarian! Activate change on duty of care: “How can private sector partners help strengthen health and safety of humanitarian workers?”
Session Description: This session discussed how to replicate or join existing collective initiatives impacting duty of care for humanitarians as they contribute to the health & well-being for all.

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For more information about the STEP into a Better World conference, see here