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  Risk and Humanitarian Culture


 Positive Disruption? China’s Humanitarian Aid



    Unpacking Localization




      Localization Examined: An ICVA Briefing Paper






The World Bank and Refugees: An ICVA Briefing Paper






The Grand Bargain Explained: An ICVA Briefing Paper

Grand Bargain Explained (Arabic)

El  Gran Pacto Explicado: documento informativo del ICVA





The Global Compact on Refugees Explained: An ICVA Briefing Paper





ICVA Bulletins

Back copies of our monthly bulletins can be found here

ICVA Annual Report

All the ICVA annual reports can be found here.


ICVA Commissioned Studies

The role of the Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator - access the full report and executive summary. Read ICVA's perspective on the study here.

Scoping study: civil society space in humanitarian action - access the executive summary and read ICVA's statement on the study.

2015-2018 Impact Study Report - access the full report, the summary brochure, and read ICVA's management response addressed to the Board. 


Talk Back

Talk Back was the newsletter for ICVA from 1999-2010.  All the Talk Back issues can be found here.


ICVA Statutes

ICVA Statutes 2018