ICVA Annual Conferences

Each year, ICVA holds an Annual Conference, which provides an important opportunity for members to convene and discuss issues relevant to the humanitarian sector, as informed by ICVA’s membership base.

ICVA 2017 Annual Conference.

To be held at the CICG in Geneva Switzerland.  For more information go to this page.


ICVA 2016 Annual Conference: Complementarity in humanitarian action: What does it mean?  What does it look like? What are the risks and benefits?

The 2016 Annual Conference was held on  5 March 2016, at the CICG in Geneva, Switzerland. Leveraging experience, insights and tools from NGOs, academia, the UN, the Red Cross and Red Crescent, civil society and the private sector, ICVA’s 2016 Annual Conference explored the concept of complementarity. 

The conference provided a platform for practitioners to discuss what ‘complementarity’ means, it’s relationship to humanitarian effectiveness and in local and national leadership. The conference held conversations on how complementarity is understood and applied in various humanitarian relationships - through ideological, institutional and operational lenses. 

As the conference took place prior to the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, complementarity in relation to the World Humanitarian Summit, and how the WHS process could positively influence and promote complementarity in humanitarian action was also discussed.


ICVA 2015 Annual Conference- Partnership, from principles to practice.

Held on the 9 March 2015, at the CICG in Geneva, Switzerland, the 2015 ICVA Annual Conference provided a successful platform for over  160 members and partners to discuss, raise questions and suggest paths forward on the value and implementation of the Principles of Partnership in the lead up to the World Humanitarian Summit and beyond.


ICVA 2014 Annual Conference - Humanitarian Financing: Show me the Money

1 April, 2004. Geneva, Switzerland.

ICVA 2013 Annual Conference- Innovation! It doesn't have to be like this.

1 March 2013, Geneva Switzerland.


ICVA 2012 Annual Conference - Adjusting to Reality?

19 March 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

ICVA 2011 Annual Conference- Does size matter?

4 March 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

ICVA 2010 Annual Conference- Partnership for change?

1 February 2010.  Geneva, Switzerland.

ICVA 2009 Annual Conference-

2 February 2009. Geneva, Switzerland.


ICVA 2008 Annual Conference- The Essential Humanitarian Reforms

1 Feburary. 2008. Geneva, Switzerland


ICVA 2007 Annual Conference- How compatitable are UN Coherence and humanitarian partnership?

Feburary, 2007. Geneva, Switzerland.


ICVA 2006 Annual Conference- Principles and politics of humanitarian action

1 February, 2006. Geneva, Switzerland


2003 Annual Conference- NGOs in a changing world order: dilemmas and challenges

February, 2003. Geneva, Switzerland