ICVA Annual Conference 2018


ICVA’s 2018 Annual Conference

Navigating the Nexus: NGO Perspectives


When: 20 March 2018

Where: The International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG), Geneva, Switzerland.


Every year ICVA organises a conference that focuses on a particular theme.  This year we decided to take a critical and deep look at the “triple nexus” - the inter-connection between humanitarian action, development, and peace. Anchored in the ICVA network’s dedication to principled and effective humanitarian action, ICVA’s 2018 Annual Conference will provide a space to ICVA members and key stakeholders to:

  1. Explore the extent to which all three approaches can best connect, putting people at the center (collective outcomes)
  2. Interact with, and better understand, key actors working on peace and development (comparative advantage)
  3. Analyze country-specific experiences, teasing out the risks and opportunities presented in the nexus – particularly with regard to humanitarian principles (context)
  4. Consider ways for NGOs to best connect to initiatives like the New Way of Working (NWoW), the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF), and the World Bank’s work in situations of conflict and fragility (partnership)

Read the Concept Note for more information.



The ICVA Annual Conference is a whole day event. The interactive conference will begin and end with the voices of affected persons, including refugees, NGOs, civil society and non-traditional actors.  Participants will have an opportunity to interact with leaders driving the NWoW, CRRF and World Bank initiatives. 

See the agenda with a full list of speakers.



This year, our speakers range from affected communities, NGOs, UN to non-traditional actors from all over the world. They will be sharing their perspectives of working in the humanitarian, development and where appropriate, peace nexus! See full list of speakers and their biographies.


Registration for the Annual Conference is now closed as we have reached full capacity for the conference centre.


Background documents: 

ICVA’s briefing papers on the New Way of Working, the path towards a Global Compact on Refugees, and the Grand Bargain will be useful pre-reading materials in advance of the conference.