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IASC Working Group

The IASC Working Group is composed of directors fo the Emergency Programmes of the IASC agencies. 

  • develops policies and guidance in line with strategic decisions made by the IASC
  • makes proposals to the IASC on strategic issues
  • establishes and oversees the work of the Task Teams
  • establishes and monitors the Reference Groups
  • collaborating with the EDG in identifying and elaborating policy matters with direct bearing on humanitarian operations.


Working Group Meetings:

90th IASC Working Group Meeting - 8-9 March 2016


89th IASC Working Group Meeting 12-13 October 2015

Ad hoc IASC Working Group Meeting - 26 June 2015 (Teleconference)

88th IASC Working Group meeting 10-11 March 2015, Rome.


87th IASC Working Group Meeting, 29-30 October 2014, Geneva Switzerland.


Background Documents:
Meeting humanitarian challenges in urban areas
IASC Review
Independent "Whole-of-System" Review of Protection in Humanitarian Crises
          -  Update   
          -  Terms of Reference
Closing Report from the HPC Steering Group