Humanitarian Learning


Welcome to ICVA’s Humanitarian Learning Stream. 

Many NGOs wish to have a stronger understanding of the humanitarian sector. However, due to limited time and resources, this is sometimes not possible.

ICVA has therefore launched a new initiative – a series of online humanitarian learning streams.


What is it?

Each learning stream, lasting between three to six months, involves series of webinars, short videos and short briefing papers.

Learning streams specifically target NGOs, unpacking and discussing the opportunities and challenges faced by NGOs in humanitarian action.


What it is ‘not’?

ICVA’s Humanitarian Learning Stream is not an intensive, in-depth learning course.

There are a growing number of virtual, high quality learning initiatives, offering intensive, in-depth learning initiatives, (including; ALNAP; Bond; Humanitarian Leadership Academy; Disaster Ready and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative). 


Why participate?

The approach and target of ICVA’s Humanitarian Learning Stream, is:

  • To support NGO staff who have a need and interest in broadening and deepening their understanding of key humanitarian issues.
  • To support NGO staff who have a limited time to invest in comprehensive learning initiatives.