High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement

ICVA has worked to keep its members closely informed of the developments leading to the launching of a High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement and stepped in to ensure the Panel, its Secretariat and the Expert Advisory Group benefit from inputs from NGOs and civil society at large. On this page you will find resources related to ICVA’s work with its members on the High-Level Panel.

  • Faced with many challenges linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Panel’s work has been largely disrupted since March 2020. In this context, coordinated by ICVA and InterAction, 31 NGOs signed a letter to the UN Secretary-General supporting the extension of the Panel’s timeframe so that it can complete its work adequately. Dated 4 August 2020, the letter calling for the extension is accessible here.
  • NGO statement on the High Level Panel on Internal Displacement delivered at the inaugural meeting on 25 February 2020. Written statement and the oral statement.