The Grand Bargain on Humanitarian Financing

The ICVA Secretariat was one of the Sherpas who negotiated the Grand Bargain on Humanitarian Financing.  ICVA and Germany currently serve as co-convenors of the Grand Bargain reporting workstream. ICVA’s Humanitarian Financing Working Group and Donor Conditions Task Force both work on particular aspects of the Grand Bargain’s implementation.


  1. Understanding the Grand Bargain

  2. Negotiating the Grand Bargain

  3. Implementing the Grand Bargain

  4. Reporting Workstream co-convened by ICVA and Germany



1.​ Understanding the Grand Bargain



2. Negotiating the Grand Bargain


February 2016 – Sherpa Meeting in Amsterdam


March 2016 – Sherpa Meeting in Brussels


April 2016 – Sherpa Meeting in Washington (members only)


May 2016 – Sherpa Meeting in New York (members only)


June 2016 – Sherpa Meeting in New York


3. Implementing the Grand Bargain

       June 2019 - 3rd Annual Meeting in Geneva - Summary notes

       June 2018 - 2nd Annual Meeting in New York - Joint Consortia Statement

       September 2016 – Signatories Meeting in Bonn (members only)


Grand Bargain Facilitation Group


Grand Bargain Workstreams


Independent Annual Grand Bargain Report


        20 June 2017 - Annual Meeting Chairs' Summary

4. Reporting Workstream Co-Convened by ICVA and Germany