Global Refugee Forum 2019

Preparatory meetings with UNHCR

Second preparatory meeting 25 June 2019, Geneva

NGO statement on Agenda item 1: Organisational Arrangements

NGO statement on Agenda item 2: Structure for the Global Refugee Forum


First preparatory meeting  29 March 2019, Geneva

NGO statement on Agenda item 2: Draft indicators for progress towards the objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees



Co-sponsoring arrangements

In the upcoming first Global Refugee Forum on 17-18 December in the Palais des Nations Unies in Geneva in Switzerland, multi-stakeholders including Member States, NGOs, refugees, academics, the private sector can become co-sponsors. For this purpose, UNHCR opened co-sponsoring meetings for the six areas of focus on Arrangements for burden- and responsibility-sharing, Education, Jobs and livelihoods, Energy and infrastructure, Solutions and Protection capacity.

More information can be found on UNHCR’s webpage



Meetings between UNHCR and NGOs

4 March 2019 discusion on GRF between UNHCR and NGOS: Notes for members only