Global Refugee Forum 2019

Examples of NGO pledges and contributions for the Global Refugee Forum 2019

The document compiles examples of pledges and contributions emanating from Non-governmental Organizations worldwide. It provides a snapshot of NGOs engagement towards a first Global Refugee Forum that delivers tangible contributions to the objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees and sets an ambitious standard for future refugee response.

Examples of NGO pledges and contributions

ICVA's pledge for the GRF

Preparatory meetings with UNHCR

Third preparatory meeting 14 November 2019, Geneva

Annex: NGO examples of pledges, third preparatory meeting fort he GRF, 14 November 2019


Second preparatory meeting 25 June 2019, Geneva


First preparatory meeting  29 March 2019, Geneva



Co-sponsoring arrangements

In the upcoming first Global Refugee Forum on 17-18 December in the Palais des Nations Unies in Geneva in Switzerland, multi-stakeholders including Member States, NGOs, refugees, academics, the private sector can become co-sponsors. For this purpose, UNHCR opened co-sponsoring meetings for the six areas of focus on Arrangements for burden- and responsibility-sharing, Education, Jobs and livelihoods, Energy and infrastructure, Solutions and Protection capacity.

More information can be found on UNHCR’s webpage


Meetings between UNHCR and NGOs

4 March 2019 discusion on GRF between UNHCR and NGOS: Notes for members only