Diversity: Consideration of age

With emergency situations, disasters and conflict increasing worldwide, the suffering and humanitarian needs are driven upwards as well, in particular affecting children. While humanitarian principles require that assistance be delivered impartially to those most in need without discrimination, a “one-size fits-all” emergency response tends to overlook the specific, yet wide-ranging, vulnerabilities of young girls and boys in emergency contexts.

Within ICVA’s diversity work, child rights have become priority streams through joint initiatives and partnerships with members, UN agencies and other networks.  


The rights of the child:

  • UNICEF-NGO Partnership in Humanitarian Action Annual Consultation

Beginning in 2019, ICVA and UNICEF agreed to reach out to the NGO sector to gather their feedback and perceptions of current strengths and challenges in the partnership with UNICEF and to explore pathways to improve such partnership. This resulted in the publication of ICVA’s scoping study on UNICEF-NGOs Partnership in Humanitarian Settings. The acknowledgement of both UNICEF and NGOs that more regular exchanges are needed to enable a partnership fit to respond to the challenges faced by children in today’s humanitarian landscape and the scoping study’s findings, led to the joint organisation by ICVA and UNICEF of the UNICEF-NGO Consultation for Partnership in Humanitarian Settings ‘Enhancing the Culture of Partnership’ in November 2019. 

From 17 to 19 November 2020, UNICEF and ICVA hosted the virtual 2020 UNICEF-NGO Partnership in Humanitarian Action Annual Consultation 'Working Together to Address Emerging Challenges'. It followed up on the commitments endorsed in 2019 and focused on the ongoing efforts to address emerging challenges in 2020, most notably the impacts of COVID-19 on partnerships, decolonialisation of aid, localisation, UNICEF simplified partnership procedures and funding flexibility for NGOs in the context of COVID-19. 

The report, annex and background documents can be accessed here.



  • UNICEF-NGO COVID-19 Briefings

As part of the ongoing dialogue between UNICEF and its partner NGOs and as a follow up to the UNICEF’s and ICVA’s Executive Directors’ communication to partners in April 2020, ICVA and UNICEF, co-jointly with InterAction and SCHR, are convening a series of NGO briefings on Humanitarian partnerships in COVID-19 response. It is aimed at ensuring that the impact of COVID-19 and the response needed are discussed and built upon jointly by UNICEF and NGO partners to ensure a better collaboration on the ground in the collective response for children.

The FAQ, agendas and PowerPoint Presentations and other relevant documents from the UNICEF-NGO COVID-19 briefings can be accessed here.