Asia Regional Hub



Introduction to the ICVA Asia Regional Hub

The ICVA Regional Hub in Asia (based in Bangkok, Thailand) was established in July 2013, following consultations held in September 2012 with national and international NGOs operating in the region.  Since its opening, the Hub has engaged widely with members and partners in the region, through a range of projects, events, research, facilitations and missions that have fed into our global and regional portfolios.

The ICVA Asia Regional Hub works closely with members and NGO fora to:

  • Strengthen the role of NGO Fora in regional and national-level humanitarian coordination and advocacy
  • Facilitate ICVA’s engagement with inter-governmental organisations and Member States in the region
  • Link operational realities to global policies and practice
  • Create opportunities for regional consultation and collective action on issues of common interest.


ICVA Asia Team

Mr Jeremy Wellard  Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific

Jeremy has lived and worked in Asia for the past nine years, including with various NGOs and in the private sector. Prior to joining ICVA he worked with OCHA’s Regional Office for Asia-Pacific on the organisation of the World Humanitarian Summit (regional and global consultations, and the Istanbul summit)

Ms Qingrui Huang   Deputy Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific

Qingrui is experienced in programme management for the UN and NGOs in Asia. She supports the Asia team in closely working with ICVA members, NGO networks and humanitarian partners to ensure the implementation of ICVA’s strategy in the region.


ICVA Asia Working Group

This platform is for members to:

  • Exchange information on regionally focused perspectives on the development of the humanitarian sector
  • Increase understanding and share opportunities for engagement with diverse and key actors in the region
  • Identify opportunities for engagement in regional or global advocacy initiatives.

Topics addressed include: the Grand Bargain, Global Compact on Refugees, IASC Regional Network, and regional engagement with diverse humanitarian actors.

To join the group contact the ICVA Asia Regional Representative.