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Introduction to the Asia hub

The ICVA Regional Hub in Asia (based in Bangkok, Thailand) was established in July 2013 following consultations held with national and international NGOs operating in the region in September 2012 in Bangkok.  Since opening, the Hub has engaged in a number of projects, facilitations and missions that have fed into our global and regional portfolios concentrating on the focus areas of forced migration, humanitarian partnerships, humanitarian coordination and humanitarian financing.


Get up to speed on our activities in Asia by reading our  Regional Reports:

#ICVAPoP Campaign in Asia

Thank you to all our members in Asia that have signed up to the Principles of Partnership via the #ICVAPoP Campaign. Don't forget to download the PoP posters in your own language and if you do not find it translated into your language, we welcome your support with translations! 

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Events & Reports


World Humanitarian Summit

Our regional representative has been an active member on the Regional Steering Group (RSG) for the Central and South Asia consultations just completed in Dushanbe in July this year.  He served as an advisor for the Pacific consultations and has previously served on the RSG for the North and Southeast Asia consultations, which took place in Tokyo in late July 2014. ICVA was instrumental in the design and implementation of the country-level consultations across the region as well as nominating national Civil Society and International NGO representatives to attend the Tokyo consultations. The full Report from the North and Southeast Consultations are available here, the Central and South Asia Report can be downloaded from the WHS website. To find out more about ICVA's role with WHS follow this link to our WHS Resource page



Forced Displacement

December 8 - 9  ICVA-UNHCR Structured Dialogue in Myanmar.  Please see our full report (members only) here. For more information, please contact

September 28  ICVA's Asia hub co-hosted the launch of NRC's recent Report with Praxis Lab, Community resilience and disaster-related displacement in South Asia with our member, APRRN. for more information please contact icvaasia@icvanetwork.orgThe meeting was held at the Hotel AETAS Bangkok, 49 Soi Ruamrudee, Phloenchit Road, Lumpini Pathumwan, Bangkok.  About the report:  The report examines the resilience of communities in South Asia to disasters and the displacement they cause. It considers communities’  risk landscape and resilience capacity in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The research analyses the multidimensional risks communities face, their assets, and the institutional and legal frameworks in which they operate. It considers communities’ capacity to prevent displacement, their ability to mitigate protection risks during displacement and their options in terms of durable solutions. The report offers a resilience building framework that incorporates common principles, while retaining flexibility and adaptability to communities’ specific risk environments.

September 22 - ICVA-UNHCR Regional Structured Dialogue - Partnerships and Collaborations Final Report can be viewed and downloaded here. Also visit our YouTube Channel for our video report, which includes participants comments on the importance of the Structured Dialogue. A joint ICVA-UNHCR Regional Structured Dialogue consultation was held in Bangkok on 22 September 2015 to follow-up on the implementation of the High Commissioner’s Structured Dialogue on UNHCR-IFRC-NGO Partnership. The goal of this consultation was to evaluate the state of UNHCR-NGO partnerships in Asia and to support actions for further partnership strengthening and complementarity. Information sharing, capacity strengthening, advocacy and joint planning together with urban settings were the areas identified by participants as priorities and in need for further improvement. All participants to the consultation, including UNHCR representatives, further showed a great commitment in enhancing partnership and identified key recommendations per each priority areas. 

September 23 - ICVA-UNHCR Regional Structured Dialogue on Protection at Sea and Statelessness with a special day on Humanitarian Financing.  The Report is available here. The aim of the Dialogue on Protection at Sea and Statelessness in Asia held on the second day was threefold: i) to improve understanding about NGO coordination on Protection at Sea and Statelessness in Asia, ii) discuss the associated challenges and best practices and iii) contribute to the development of an informal NGO thematic network on Statelessness to work with UNHCR regional and country offices in Asia. 
The debate stimulated a lot of discussion and offered a great opportunity for participants to share ideas, experiences, and challenges but also try to identify possible concrete solutions to advance action in the two areas of work. Key action points to improve collaboration on Protection at Sea and Statelessness have been put forward at the end of the meeting for follow up. The ICVA Asia Hub together with UNHCR and ICVA members will monitor their implementation. For more information, please contact

September 24 ICVA hosted a Peer-to-Peer learning event held on the third day of the Regional Structured Dialogue. It built on the extensive and diverse knowledge from participants, a group of 34 representatives of INGOs, NNGOs, ICRC coming from different countries and regions. The aim of this event was to identify innovative solutions to raise funding for collective regional advocacy on Protection at Sea and Statelessness. It also offered an opportunity to stimulate further engagement from NGOs into the humanitarian financing architecture in line with ICVA strategy, supported by the German Government – represented at the initiative -  to increase the understanding of humanitarian financing mechanisms. .  The Report is available here. For more information, please contact

June 13   Urban Refugees Fair - sponsored by APRRN and hosted by Black Box Café at Mahatun Plaza begining at 17.00. Visit to find out more. 

Humanitarian Partnerships

September 2-3 Two day Symposium on "Our Principles in Action: Understanding and Implementing the code of Conduct" in partnership with ICRC and HUmanitarian Forum Indonesia, held in Bogor, Indonesia. if you would like a copy of the report please email contact

August 8      One-day special dialogue on Applying the Principles of Partnership in Bangladesh, as part of our global Humanitarian Partnership portfolio and the #ICVAPoP campaign launched  during our Annual Geneva Conference in March. The objectives of the Bangladesh dialogue were to focus on four types of partnerships and how the Principles can root partnerships in mutual accountability in order to build case studies to inform ICVA's contribution to the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit. A full Report is avialble to download here

July 28-30  WHS Regional Consultation for Central and South Asia, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.  ICVA's Asia Representative, Members and other NGOs from across the region contributed to a lively, thoughtful and productive Regional Consultation - the final regional event for WHS! Please read the full report here! If you want to know more about ICVA's engagement on the WHS regional steering groups, please visit our  WHS Resource page. 

July 27 CSO pre-meeting in Dushanbe, Tajikistan was held ahead of the WHS Regional Consultation for Central and South Asia. For more information contact:

June 16    One-day special dialogue on Applying the Principles of Partnership in the Philippines.  As part of our global Humanitarian Partnership portfolio and the #ICVAPoP campaign launched  during our Annual Geneva Conference in March. The objectives of the Philippines dialogue are to focus on four types of partnerships and how the Principles can root partnerships in mutual accountability in order to build case studies to inform ICVA's contribution to the 2016 World Humanitarian SummitVideo report and Principles of Partnership videos.  See the photos here

May 22   The hub hosted a members meeting in Bangkok with webinar call in facilitaties. The meeting minutes can be found here

Humanitarian Coordination

October 22 - 23  For our 2nd Annual NGO Consortia and Coordination Symposium, Asia, we saw 17 country-level and 2 regional level NGO networks come together in Bangkok, Thailand. The Report can be downloaded here.  For more information, please contact

May 27   85 NGOs came together to release of the Joint NGO Statement ahead of the Special Meeting on Irregular Migration in the Indian Ocean. The meeting is hosted by the Royal Thai Government on 29 May in Bangkok. 

January 19 - 22   Our first mission of 2015 was to Myanmar, where we worked with the INGO Forum, the Local Resource Centre (consortium of national NGOs), OCHA, UNHCR, ICVA members, ACT Alliance members and ADRRN on a multitude of issues.  Our full mission reporis available to download. 


November 24   What is the Future of Finance? Most of us are struggling to meet the financial costs of growing humanitarian needs.  ICVA’s  Asia regional hub continues to supports various initiatives reviewing the future of financing.  This initiative led by CAFOD, FAO and World Vision – called “The Future of Humanitarian Finance.” was co-organise and hosted in Bangkok on 24 November.  As part of the IASC Humanitarian Financing Task Team’s workplan, this initiative engaged innovative thinkers from within and outside the humanitarian sector to generate fresh thinking and ideas on the subject. A full report is available on the website

October 16   The Asia hub hosted a meeting for ICVA members in Bangkok; the meeting provided members in Bangkok with the opportunity to meet with Nan Buzard, Executive Director, during her visit to Southeast Asia.

October 13-14   The Disaster Response Dialogue Initiative organised a Global Conference in Manila. The dialogue between National Disaster Management Authorities and humanitarian actors centred on “improving trust and cooperation for more effective humanitarian responses.” Nan Buzard, Executive Director of ICVA, and James Munn, Asia Regional Representative, attended.

September   Follow-up report from ICVA ASIA Roundtable discussion of the Médicines Sans Frontières report “Where is everyone? Responding to emergencies in most difficult places”, September 2014. Following an event in July hosted by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee in Geneva, ICVA hosted a roundtable discussion in Bangkok on 8 September featuring a panel of representatives from major humanitarian agencies working in Asia. One of the key outcomes of the dialogue was the sense that while the obstacles to providing effective humanitarian assistance are complex and substantial, the challenge remains that we need to do more than bear witness to the weaknesses of the system by working together to tackle these complicated issues.

September 16-17   NGO Coordination Symposium, Asia The objective of the workshop was to improve understanding about NGO coordination by discussing common themes and challenges, to support the NGO coordination community by improving collaboration and communication, and to contribute to the development of the NGO Coordination Resource Centre.  Check out the video reportage from the Regional Meeting of NGO Coordination Fora, Asia.

June   Regional Hubs Progress & Plans ICVA produced a short report covering activities and plans from all three regional hubs. 

April   Strengthening NGO Partnerships in Asia, ICVA produced a progress report covering the first 9 months of the Asia Hub. 


December   ICVA Philippines Scoping Mission Report: NGO Liaison  After Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines on 8 November and with a largeIscale response by NGOs and based on learning from previous largeIscale responses, ICVA members agreed to a scoping mission to assess the existing capacities for NGO coordination including possible increases in support without undermining or replacing what is already working. Based on this agreement, ICVA’s Regional Representative for Asia undertook a two weeks scoping mission in the Philippines to assess coordination efforts and identify what might be further required to support effective NGO coordination and promote a wider humanitarian coordination system.

September   Humanitarian Financing and UNHCR-IFRC-NGO Consultations Workshop Report  A one-day workshop with a focus on the current (and future) state of humanitarian financing within the region was held in Bangkok and followed by a regional UNHCR-IFRC-NGO consultation. This one-day meeting on humanitarian financing provided the opportunity for fifty-six (56) representatives from regional and national NGO consortia, NGOs, the UN and Red Cross/ Red Crescent societies to share their views, concerns and plans with the global IASC Working Group on humanitarian financing.   The second day saw thirty-six (36) representatives contributing to global consultations on UNHCR’s “Structured Dialogue” attended the second day meeting.  Both days provided the opportunity for UNHCR, IFRC and NGOs from across Asia to explore - through facilitated discussion - opportunities to strengthen partnerships, advocate together for protection, and promote capacity building as thematic components of partnerships. 

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