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  1. Demystifying the nexus- Topic 5: Expert Interview on donor perspectives on the humanitarian-development-peace nexus

    TopicFive_Donor Perspectives_ExpertInterview.pdf Donor International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) Cross-cutting issues Learning no Sweden Policy and guidance (e.g. policy briefs, guidelines) September, 2018 English ...

    September 2018

  2. Grand Bargain Commitments Document- 13 May

    Donor Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) United Nations (UN) Content for members only Register now ICVA Resourcing humanitarian action Reports (e.g. analytical, annual, activity, research) May, 2016 This draft is the result of 4 Sherpa meetings and sever ...

    May 2016

  3. Key Takeaways from the Network Organization’s Meeting on Partner Personnel Costs

    Network Organizations Meeting.pdf Donor Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) United Nations (UN) Meeting materials (e.g. minutes, notes, agenda) June, 2014 Participants revisited the principles developed at the May 2014 Rome workshops to guide any change i ...

    June 2014