18th ICVA General Assembly May 2021

Every three years ICVA’s General Assembly brings ICVA members together to celebrate the network and agree on a strategy for the following three years. It is also the time when the General Assembly elects a new Board and Chair, and discusses other business matters, such as amending the ICVA Statutes. 


18th General Assembly 2021

With the ongoing restrictions on travel due to the Coronavirus as well as the need to ensure the health and safety of staff and participants, we will host our 2021 General Assembly online in a virtual conference. 

This virtual meeting will take place  on the 18 & 19 May 2021 from 13.00-15.30 CEST


Preparations for the General Assembly


Participation at the General Assembly

Member organisations are entitled and encouraged to send a representative to the General Assembly who has the mandate to take decisions on and vote on behalf of your organisation. We need the full participation of your organisation to ensure ICVA works in the interest of its membership. 

More than one representative can attend, though each member organisation has only one vote.

Members must be in good standing with ICVA to be entitled to vote or to stand for election. If you are in doubt on the payment of your dues, please be in touch with the Secretariat. Please ensure that 2021 membership invoices are paid.

Observer and Affiliate organisations of ICVA are entitled to participate at the General Assembly, but do not have the right to vote or hold office.

Registration: At the moment, please save the date for the General Assembly.  More information on how to register will follow.


ICVA 2030 Strategy draft

Following extensive consultation with members and partners we are pleased to share with you the draft of the ICVA 2030 Strategy

This document sets the framework for the direction and focus of ICVA’s work over the next nine years, as we evolve and transform our network. Rooting us more deeply in our vision and mission of principled and effective humanitarian action, this strategy sets out our collective values, our ways of working and our aspirational transformations. We will continue to work on focus areas best serving our members and the sector as a whole. Our added value is rooted in our work explaining & analysing, convening, brokering, influencing & advocating, supporting, and collaborating.

This strategy will be adopted by the General Assembly in May 2021.

View the ICVA 2030 draft strategy


ICVA Statutes

The ICVA Statutes set out the mandate of ICVA and outlines the official rules and regulations that govern ICVA and the General Assembly.

The General Assembly provides the opportunity to members to make amendments to the ICVA Statutes. Your organisation may propose amendments to the Statutes. 

The ICVA Board is also reviewing the Statutes, and in particular will propose amendments related to limiting the terms of office of Board members, and the  format of the General assembly.

As per the ICVA Statutes Article XVII, any proposed amendments have to be submitted to the ICVA Secretariat by 19 March 2021. 


All proposed amendments will be shared with ICVA members by 15 April and voted on at the General Assembly.

The Statutes may be amended at the 18th General Assembly.


Elections for ICVA Board and Chair

The General Assembly will include nominations for election to the ICVA Board and a vote for a new Chair. 

Member organisations are invited to stand as a board member and nominate a candidate for the Board and for the Chair.

Each member organisation can only submit one nomination.

We particularly encourage nominations that reflect the diversity of our membership:  from large and smaller members, faith based and secular, operational and/or advocacy, national NGO and NGO fora, global North and global South, diverse geographical regions, and diversity of the intended nominee including gender.

Deadline to submit nominations is 31 March 2021.



Mid-February– Secretariat will share further information about the General Assembly, preliminary agenda, registration, and the Nominations package.

26  February: deadline for members comments on the ICVA 2030 strategy to be shared with ICVA Secretariat. Email to secretariat@icvanetwork.org

19 March – deadline for Members to submit any proposed amendments to the Statutes. Email to secretariat@icvanetwork.org

31 March - Deadline for members to submit nominations to the Board. Email to secretariat@icvanetwork.org

16 April -

     - Deadline for members to register for GA
     - All Proposed amendments to the Statutes shared with Members
     - List of candidates for board shared with member

18 &19 May  - 18th General Assembly online




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