18th ICVA General Assembly May 2021

Every three years ICVA’s General Assembly brings ICVA members together to celebrate the network and agree on a long-term strategy and strategic priorities for the following three years. It is also the time when the General Assembly elects a new Board and Chair, and discusses other business matters, such as amending the ICVA Statutes. 


18th General Assembly 2021

With the ongoing restrictions on travel due to the Coronavirus as well as the need to ensure the health and safety of staff and participants, we will host our 2021 General Assembly online in a virtual conference. 

This virtual meeting will take place  on the 18 & 19 May 2021 from 13.00-15.30 CEST


Preparations for the General Assembly


Participation at the General Assembly

Member organisations are entitled and encouraged to send a representative to the General Assembly who has the mandate to take decisions on and vote on behalf of your organisation. We need the full participation of your organisation to ensure ICVA works in the interest of its membership. 

More than one representative can attend, though each member organisation has only one vote.

Members must be in good standing with ICVA to be entitled to vote or to stand for election. If you are in doubt on the payment of your dues, please be in touch with the Secretariat. Please ensure that 2021 membership invoices are paid.

Observer and Affiliate organisations of ICVA are entitled to participate at the General Assembly, but do not have the right to vote or hold office.



Please complete this online form if you wish to attend the General Assembly and/or wish to vote. Form to be completed by the 30 April 2021.  The link for the meeting will be shared with those who have registered.


Agenda and working documents

The General Assembly is split over two sessions: 

  • 18 May from 13.00-15.30 CEST - Day 1
  • 19 May from 13.00 – 16.00 CEST - Day 2

Day one will allow us to go through some of the standing agenda items together, present the annual report, and introduce the candidates running for election.

On day two we will confirm the results of the Board elections, present the candidates for Chair and vote, and complete the final agenda items before welcoming the new Chair and Board.

The draft agenda can be found together with the other working documents for the meeting.

Members will be asked to adopt by consensus the  Draft minutes of the 17th General Assembly.

ICVA 2030 Strategy draft

Following extensive consultation with members and partners we are pleased to share with you the draft of the ICVA 2030 Strategy

This document sets the framework for the direction and focus of ICVA’s work over the next nine years, as we evolve and transform our network. Rooting us more deeply in our vision and mission of principled and effective humanitarian action, this strategy sets out our collective values, our ways of working and our aspirational transformations. We will continue to work on focus areas best serving our members and the sector as a whole. Our added value is rooted in our work explaining & analysing, convening, brokering, influencing & advocating, supporting, and collaborating.

This strategy will be adopted by the General Assembly in May 2021.

View the ICVA 2030 draft strategy


Strategic Priorities 2022-2024

Members will be asked to approve the ICVA Strategic Priorities 2022-2024

These priorities are drawn from the 2030 strategic vision, providing a more specific focus for the period 2022-2024. On the basis of these priorities, the Secretariat will develop a three-year plan 2022-2024 for Board approval in November 2021. The plan will include specific choices on content of ICVAs work, enabling strategies, the resource planning and requirements and a set of performance indicators


ICVA Statutes

The ICVA Statutes set out the mandate of ICVA and outlines the official rules and regulations that govern ICVA and the General Assembly.

Tembers will be asked to approve the proposed amendments to the Statutes.

The ICVA Board is proposing some amendments to the ICVA Statutes for consideration and approval at the 18th General Assembly.

The proposed amendments reflect:

  • Convening a  virtual or online General Assembly
  • Adoption of Strategic and annual plans by GA and Board
  • Coopted members composition and term of office

For the full text changes please refer to the Statutes 2018 with the track changes.



ICVA Board and Chair Elections

The General Assembly will elect a new ICVA Board and Chair. 

The elections for the Board members will take place on 18 May. Members will elect nine (9) Board members by secret electronic ballot. Information on voting will be shared with all registered voting member representatives.

The election for the Chair will take place on 19 May, after the results of the Board members have been announced.

Nominations for the ICVA Board are now closed.

For a full list of candidates and their profiles see the list of Board candidates.


Reaffirmation of Principles

Members will be asked to reaffirm by consensus the principles and standards they adopted individually when joining ICVA and/or reaffirmed individually in 2017.

The principles and standards are related to:

  • Humanitarian principles
  • Principles of Partnership
  • Prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse 
  • Quality and accountability in humanitarian action


Commitment and Motion to Action on Climate and Environmental 


Members will be asked to approve the Commitment and Motion to Action on Climate and Environment.

Addressing the climate and environment crises is a top priority for ICVA as adopted in the ICVA 2030 strategy.  We send a clear signal that humanitarian organisations have a key role to play in addressing the crises.



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