17th ICVA General Assembly March 2018


Every three years ICVA’s General Assembly brings ICVA members together to celebrate the network and agree on a strategy for the following three years (2019 – 2021). It is also the time when the General Assembly elects a new Board and Chair, and discusses other business matters, such as amending the ICVA Statutes. 


17th General Assembly 2018

The 17th General Assembly will take place in on Wednesday 21 March 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. It will be a one-day General Assembly, following ICVA’s Annual Conference on Tuesday 20 March.


Provisional General Assembly Agenda

Members will be asked to adopt the Strategy 2019-2021, approve the proposed amendments to the Statutes, and elect the new Board. There willl also be dynamic engagement among members with the  Members' Market Place and an ICVA Café. 

See the Provisional Agenda.


Members' Market Place

Community market places have always been the place where news and gossip are shared and where the friends and communities are built. This session is a way of sharing information and exchanging ideas in a spirited and rapid way. The Members' Market Place invites members to showcase their initiatives, ideas and campaigns and encourage others to join. See the Agenda for more information.

Share your suggestions of an initiative or topic you would like to present, to the secretariat@icvanetwork.org by 2 March. Spaces are limited and topics will be selected to represent diversity.



The ICVA Statutes set out the mandate of ICVA and outlines the official rules and regulations that govern ICVA and the General Assembly. The Statutes may be amended at the 17th General Assembly.



Participation at the General Assembly is open to member, observer and affiliate organisations only.  Member organisations are entitled and encouraged to send one representative to the General Assembly who has the mandate to take decisions on and vote on behalf of their organisation.

Venue:  The Conference and General Assembly will both be held in the International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG), which is readily accessible by public transportation, and is located near the ICVA office.



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